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C4 Production Training Scheme - Camera&Edit training

Eleanor Casely, trainee researcher at The Garden Productions as part of Channel 4's Production Training Scheme tells us about last month's Camera & Edit training: 

And once again, this month's training flew around the corner before I knew it. It's hard to believe we are already two thirds of the way through the scheme already! Working within the television industry is full-on at the best of times but the last couple of months have been exceptionally busy in the lead up to finishing a production on time. Having just finished two BBC documentaries and witnessing the talented director in full swing, I was super excited to be attending a four-day intensive camera and edit course at Lane End where I'd learn the ins and outs of the creative process. 

First up, camera training! Over two days we learnt how to create a variety of stunning visuals using the Canon XF305 by a very talented and experienced cameraman, David Crute. Training with Channel 4 so far has been of such good quality, however, this session was probably the highlight of the year for me. David took us through the whole process; from learning the basics of camera work including changing the depth of field and audio tuning, to understanding the grading process and making the most out of the colours in front of us with the help of three point lighting. After two intense days that were full of information, as a class we felt much confident to self-shoot.

We then moved onto the editing course with Nick Calori for the remaining two days where we learnt how to use the editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro. I'm naturally a keen editor and have used a number of editing softwares over the last few years, including Final Cut Pro 7, so I was particularly keen to learn the most widely used editing software in the industry. Nick took us through the whole process with several good jokes along the way, going into detail where needed and making sure we left the session as confident editors. We had a lot of fun creating a thirty second trailer out of some rushes taken from a factual documentary. 

Overall, I think the camera and edit training was the best we've had to date. Nick and David were fantastic trainers, getting into the nitty gritty and making the most out of the four action packed days. We are now fully kitted up to create our three minute films that will be shown at the Channel 4 Production Training Scheme Graduation in September and personally, I can’t wait to get started.

I can't believe we are entering the final phase of the scheme and Graduation is in sight already. Applications for next year's intake have just opened on the Channel 4 website and I can still remember filling in my application form this time last year; making my YouTube video and going over and over my written answers. It's worth mentioning that I am hard of hearing and am one of a few of this year's cohort who have a disability. Most of the time, my disability is just something that I just get on with and to be honest, it does have some perks; sleeping in utter silence and having selective hearing to name a couple!

However, we all have bad days where we are less content with the situation we find ourselves in. Channel 4 and the production company I have been placed with have been exceptional in helping me overcome any challenges I have in order to achieve a smoother working life. When I first joined The Garden Productions, I spoke in depth about my disability with a member of staff and it was so refreshing to feel like I had nothing to worry about and that my needs would be accommodated as much as possible. If there is one piece of advice that I'd like to give anyone thinking of applying for the scheme but worrying about how they'd fit in because of a disability they have, I'd say don't let the 'what if's' put you off. There is a place for you, just like there is for me. With a few minor alterations to the equipment I used, I was able to do exactly what I wanted to do and fit in as part of the team. Enjoy the process, and good luck!

If you'd like to find our more about the Production Training Scheme and would like to apply, visit the 4Talent website here:

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