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PACT Indie Diversity Training Scheme - advice from the alumni

Are you considering applying for the PACT Indie Diversity Training Scheme but not sure if it's right for you? We spoke to three of the alumni from last year's scheme to hear their experiences, what they think makes a successful application and what you can expect from being a PACT IDTS trainee.

Preeti Atwal was placed at Fremantle Media, Colin Scott at Wall to Wall Television and Tosin Osime at Hat Trick Productions. 

What was the best day on the job?

Preeti - Filming the final boardroom for The Apprentice was a highlight for me because it's been my favourite show since I've been in school and to have the chance to see it from beginning to end was amazing. The wrap party we had later that evening wasn't too bad either! It was so lovely to see everyone who worked so hard on the show come together for a well-deserved drink.

Colin - Everyday was the best day! Of course one of favorite days was when I got to attend high risk training to learn what dangers my crews would expect during the filming process. It really helped me to understand how important my role was to the whole team. It made me ensure that my research and paper trails were strong so my PM could check back on my notes. Nothing better then preparing a shoot and see not only the crew come back safe but the footage looking amazing! Makes it all worth it

Tosin - I had the opportunity to work on a number of productions while at Hat Trick but working on Ariana Grande Live at the BBC was nothing short of amazing. Seeing the build up to such a big production and being a part of the final outcome is a highlight also seeing my name in the credits for a primetime BBC One show is a great feeling.

Any tips for doing a good application?

Preeti - If you have a certain company in mind that you want to work for, consider the content they create when writing your application as it could show you're a fit for that specific company.

Colin - Ensure that passion and common sense screams from the page. Get to the point. Nobody wants to read hot air, do your research on the job role and company before talking about why you want the job as this application can come back to bite you in the interview. Talk about projects you have worked on and what you learnt. More importantly you need to make it obvious to the person reading the application that you understand the TV structure and willing to learn from the bottom up. If you can say why you love TV that's one thing but even better if you can say how it changes you as a person and what you have taken why from watching a TV show. If it has had an impact on your goal then say why.

Tosin - Show honesty and a true interest in working in TV. WATCH TV especially British television. Try to be well informed about the industry and want to make a difference.

What is your best piece of advice for working in television?

Preeti - Try not to get too stressed about the freelance nature of telly - things can and do change in the space of a few days or even hours. When my contract was coming to an end I was panicked about what to do next but my contract got extended by a month and a half on my last day. It all works out!

Colin - Even if you are having the worst day ever, be happy! TV people love happy people who can make tea and are willing to support others. Don't say bad things about your previous boss, more than likely somebody you work with will know them. Be willing to learn, it takes time for the Production Managers to trust you but if you can do simple tasks without causing an issue they definitely will give you more responsibly. TV is full of stress and also good times so remember, when someone bites your head off DON'T take it personally as normally it doesn't affect your job role and they always say sorry after. GO TO THE PUB! Networking, networking and more networking always takes place outside work. It allows your team to get to know you better, trust you and build friendships which take you places.

Tosin - Be open minded! There are many different avenues and directions within the TV industry. There is more then just the creative aspects and there are many factors that make great TV.

What are you up to now?

Preeti - I'm with Twofour working on a new cooking competition show for Channel 4 as a runner. I move on to a office runner role for the Xmas period with Studio Lambert and become free towards the end of January.

Colin - Currently I am a Production Secretary, working across a ground breaking 6 part international series.

Tosin - I am currently the production Runner for a new show called The Capture, a new BBC one and NBC drama.

Applications to the PACT Indie Diversity Training Scheme close on Friday 14th December. For more information and how to apply visit:

Good luck!

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