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Rio Production Training Scheme - 4 months in...

Nick Marsh is a trainee researcher placed at Sky Sports on Channel 4’s Rio Production Training Scheme. He tells us how his first four months have gone on the scheme:

With November coming to an end,  marking a third of the way through my time on the Rio Production Training Scheme, set up by Channel 4 and managed by thinkBIGGER!, I thought I’d give everyone an update on just what exactly has been going on in the four months I have spent on it so far.

The training scheme itself included an intense training week at Channel 4,  then visits back to C4 HQ for a couple of days at the end of each month, learning various invaluable skills and information to be used while at our placement companies.

As part of the scheme, I am working at Sky Sports  as a production apprentice in the Football department. It’s incredible to think that in the first week of June I was handing in my final essay at university and within just over a month I was starting work at one of the most reputable sports broadcasters in the world, a very large and fast turnaround to say the least! 

During my time at Sky I have worked in various areas of the football coverage, gaining invaluable knowledge and learning a lot about the production industry, one that I hadn’t worked in before. The main area I have been working is the live Football League match on a Friday night.   I assist with the pre match build up, either making short underlays and clips focusing on specific players involved in the match that day, highlights of each of the team’s previous matches, or guest and interview introductions for the pre match coverage.  

Alongside this work I have also created part of the Football League highlights package, shown on a Sunday evening, cutting the best bits of each match to put into a shorter, sharper, best moments show. Bar the football league work, I have also done pre match coverage for various international matches and time logging for MLS and Eredivisie football matches, which include some very interesting shift schedules, ending anywhere between 9pm and 5am!

My experience so far has been an absolutely brilliant one and an amazing new chapter of life for me personally. Having done so much so far I am looking forward to gaining even more and can’t wait to see what the next eight months and more shall bring!

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