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ScreenSkills Business Toolkit for Freelancers

in association with thinkBIGGER! Ltd and David Thomas Media     Pulling your hair out trying to understand Tax and NI as a freelancer? Worried about whether IR35 will affect you?  Are you not sure how to plan your career or where to take your next step to progress?  Perhaps you’re struggling to manage those gaps between contracts?   Business Toolkit for Freelancers … / more

Pact's Scotland Indie Diversity Scheme

* Applications close at 5pm on Friday 20th March 2020 * What will I be doing? This scheme offers a first step into the television industry. It won’t always be glamorous, but it’s a fantastic opportunity to kickstart your career. You’ll be asked to do everything from getting teas to delivering props. With every task you will be gaining an incredible insight into how television … / more


thinkBIGGER! Ltd is proud to announce we are providing the training for the BBC’s new initiative for disabled actors, CLASS ACT. CLASS ACT is a showcase and training opportunity for both established and yet—to—be discovered acting talent. thinkBIGGER! Ltd. has a track record of providing innovative and inclusive training. Deadline for applications is the 3rd September More information on CLASS … / more

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