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Motion Content Group Researcher Training Programme

New Entrant Programmes

Love TV? Interested in working in production? Get started in TV with the Motion Content Group Researcher Training Programme.

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Motion Content Group are offering an exciting opportunity to work with leading independent production companies over a 12-month traineeship as a Researcher.

While getting hands-on experience, you’ll also receive support and training with thinkBIGGER! and a Motion Content Group mentor.

The scheme offers opportunities to those currently underrepresented in the TV industry, so we are particularly keen to hear from disabled people, anyone who identifies as Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic or from a lower socio-economic background.

This programme is for new entrants with less than 3 months experience in the TV industry. All positions for this traineeship are London-based.

We offer access support to disabled applicants, tailored to individual requests. If you have any access requirements or require an alternative format please contact

Key Dates:

  • Applications open: Friday 25th March 12pm
  • Applications close: Monday 25th April 12pm
  • Programme start date: Monday 27th June
Who Are Motion Content Group?

Motion Content Group funds, develops, produces, and distributes both original and third-party premium content to create value and opportunities for its partners and advertisers.

Working with the world’s leading talent, producers, and distributors, Motion aims to support the editorial, creative, and commercial requirements of over 200 networks and platforms globally including hit formats Love Island and The Circle. Headquartered in London and Los Angeles, Motion currently operates in more than 30 countries worldwide and has a broad range of award-winning programming distributed globally.


Glow Up

Who are the Production Companies? And which shows do they produce?

We are recruiting for trainees at:

  • Who we are

    CPL Productions is a BAFTA award winning independent television and radio production company. We create and produce engaging, entertainment, comedy, factual entertainment formats and scripted television. Our shows feature some of the UK’s best talent, both on and off screen. Our flagship shows include Married at First Sight, A League of Their Own, Road Trip, Rob and Rom Versus, The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes and Life and Rhymes.

    What will I be doing?

    CPL is a home for talented people with excellent ideas and programme making skills – a place where a stroke of genius is crafted into superb programming. Our central philosophy is to create a safe and happy space where ideas blossom, are carefully nurtured and brought to fruition. A place where collaboration in all its forms is prized and the skills of content creation and content delivery are equally valued. Even the most junior members of our team have contributed brilliant seeds of ideas, solutions for problems in the midst of production and research that has fed into major breakthroughs when building new format ideas.

    As a Researcher at CPL there is a wide range of tasks you could be doing day-to-day. These include:

    • Making notes during interviews for another Researcher or Assistant Producer.
    • Keeping in touch with programme contributors and communicating key information about filming schedules and logistics.
    • Helping the Production Manager gather relevant paperwork before filming.
    • Sourcing props, casting extras and finding brilliant locations for us to film in.
    • Providing research for new ideas in development and assisting with shoots on location.

    Who we are looking for

    • Someone who is a really effective communicator - writing, chatting on the telephone & keeping everyone up to speed.
    • People with really great personal traits like honesty, integrity & trust.
    • Problem-solvers! And even more important, problem spotters!
    • Genuinely lovely, approachable people.
    • Anyone who is the 'organiser' of their friendship group.
    • A self-starter; someone who shows initiative.
  • Who we are

    With permanent production bases in London and Cardiff, and production capability globally, Curve Media specialise in high quality unscripted factual and entertainment content for the world's biggest platforms, including the BBC, Disney+, Channel 4, Netflix, Sky, ITV, Paramount+, Discovery+, and Channel 5.

    Since launching in 2014 we have built an unprecedented slate of high-quality, popular content in a broad range of genres including:

    • ‘Vicky McClure: Our Dementia Choir’ for BBC
    • ‘Kew Gardens: Season by Season’ for Channel 5
    • ‘Merton and Webster go Motor Homing’ for Channel 5
    • ‘The Scream’ for Sky Documentaries / Abacus
    • ‘Salvage Hunters’ for Discovery
    • ‘999: On the Front Line’ for Channel 4
    • 'How Did They Build That?’ for Smithsonian / Paramount+

    Curve Media is a happy, creative place. We value every member of our brilliant team and feel that our collective company culture fuels the ‘best in class’ content that we produce. We believe that a happy, positive, supportive environment is vital. Communication and inclusiveness are key. We have regular company catch up meetings, weekly drinks and lots of social events throughout the year for all members of the Curve Family. We value enthusiastic talent and are keen to support our staff in furthering their careers offering regular training and mentoring.

    What will I be doing?

    Throughout your time at Curve Media you will get to work on a number of our shows where you will gain invaluable experience. You will be working as part of a talented and friendly team assisting our current Producers, Assistant Producers and Researchers. Your tasks will be varied and will include finding interesting people, locations and items to appear on our shows and checking facts and information. You will learn how to write up excellent research notes and attend planning meetings. Where possible you will get the chance to follow the process through and will attend filming days to see how the original ideas develop to fruition on location.

    We have a thriving development team who are constantly coming up with ideas and formats for new shows. Working in this department you will have a chance to be involved with lots of brainstorms where you can share your thoughts and suggestions for new presenters and stories. You will be encouraged to take inspiration from news, books, films, theatre and on-line content. Anything can create a new and exciting television show so the sky really is the limit! You will also be shown how to write up these ideas and learn how they get presented to the channels.

  • Who we are

    At Lime and Lion, we believe that talent is the lifeblood of our organisation. We want to attract, nurture and retain the very best talent in the industry that is truly reflective of our society. We expect our people to grow and develop and we revel in their success. We invest time and resources so our people can push their talent and skills to the limit, and we encourage them to make the most of their opportunities.

    We are proud to champion diversity and we seek out difference. We see each other’s uniqueness as a positive and we listen and learn from each other’s values and ideas, recognising the contribution each individual person makes. We know that different voices in front and behind the camera make our brands better and stronger and we want those voices to be heard by audiences on a global scale.

    We are committed to building a culturally diverse workforce and welcome applications from all individuals. We are especially interested in hearing from people from underrepresented groups within our industry such as; people from an underrepresented ethnic group, disabled people, the LGBT community and people who come from a lower socio-economic background.

    At Lime, we care about what we do so we’ll roll up our sleeves and go beyond our job description to make sure we deliver the best results as a team. Working in Unscripted TV is fast paced, and no two days are ever the same. You will get to work for a wonderfully creative company with a fabulous community at its heart, and with ground-breaking new shows in the pipeline in the coming year, there couldn’t be a better time to join us.

    What will I be doing?

    This will vary depending on what type of show we have in development at the time. We will aim to give you the opportunity to work on different programmes in development and production across Lime Pictures and Lion Television.

    For example, if you are working on a Lime Pictures unscripted reality show such as Towie or Celebs Go Dating, some of your day to day tasks could include things like location searches, helping with casting (you will need to be really confident picking up the phone) and writing cast biographies.

    On a Lion factual project, you could be reading endless books or researching online specific historical information or programme topic.

    You will spend a lot of time on the phone and looking online to find the right material for a show, from stories and locations to props, products and information.

    You may have to read endless documents or books, watch hours of footage, do background checks on people, fact-check figures or chase statistics to ensure your research stands up.

    Once a show is in production, you may need to interview potential contributors, ‘recce’ locations or see an event or show, often attending and assisting with filming.

    On a day-to-day basis you will work with Assistant Producers and Production Coordinators and when filming, with crews, contributors and presenters.

    The role of researcher can be quite fast paced, sometimes with long shoot days and hours so you will need to be prepared, but you will have a great time working together as a team to accomplish the finished result.

  • Who we are

    Objective Media Group is committed to being an inclusive workplace and hopes to reflect this increase both on and off screen. We are home to 6 production companies in the UK that produce a wide range of programming – Entertainment, Factual Entertainment, Reality, Factual and Scripted. This means that you will have more opportunity to meet and work with people across a wide variety of productions and genres, as well as have exposure to the different ways productions are made.

    Our output includes The Larkins (ITV1), Feel Good (Netflix), A Lake District Farm Shop (Channel 4), Lingo (ITV1), Toast of Tinseltown (BBC2), Motorway Cops: Catching Britain’s Speeders (Channel 5) and The Cube (ITV1).

    What will I be doing?

    Researchers are key to any production because they find the people, the places, the facts, the figures and stories that are at the heart of every TV idea. As a Researcher at Objective Media Group there is a wide range of tasks that you might be asked to do. These could include:

    • Researching material on a wide range of topics, from news stories to quiz questions to the history of an area of the UK.
    • Helping to find locations and props for filming.
    • Assisting with shoots on location.
    • Helping with casting for a diverse range of people, from all backgrounds, often using social media outreach.
    • Writing biogs for potential contributors or experts for programmes.
    • Helping with development ideas and working alongside Development teams.
  • Who we are

    We have a reputation for originating and delivering ground-breaking and ambitious factual ideas. In the last two years alone, we have produced ITV’s highest rated new factual series, DNA Journey, and Channel 4’s biggest factual launch - the high-profile The British Tribe Next Door. Our extensive slate also includes the returning hit BBC Two series, Inside the Factory, and a BAFTA nominated feature documentary, One Deadly Weekend in America (BBC Three).

    We’re looking for someone who shares our ambition to create channel-defining programmes for major broadcasters and streaming services.

    Working at Voltage you would gain experience across a wide variety of genres and learn about all the different roles within a television production company. We are committed to supporting all of our staff by building their careers and enabling them to work on projects they are passionate about. We are also proud to be a diverse company where everyone’s voice is heard.

    What will I be doing?

    They say no two days in television are the same, and that is certainly true at Voltage TV. Our slate is incredibly broad: we’ve made Bafta-nominated feature documentaries, water-cooler social experiments, hard-hitting access series, live events, large-scale competitive formats and innovative science programmes – and we’d expect you to be working across all kinds of genres like these.

    So, one day you might be casting experts and eye-witnesses, the next you could be fact checking scripts or finding amazing filming locations. Working within our Development team would give you a chance to pitch your own ideas and teach you how to plan and shape a series. Working on production could include getting out on location for a film shoot.

  • Who we are

    Wall To Wall, Twenty Twenty and Renegade produce a number of high-profile returning series (First Dates, Long Lost Family, Who Do You Think You Are, Nadiya Hussain cooking shows, Our Yorkshire Farm, Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild) and one-off documentaries so can provide varied learning opportunities to a production trainee. You will benefit from the expertise of our Executives and Series Producers as well as production management staff to get a fully-rounded view of TV production – from the development of an idea right across production and into the edit. You will also benefit from career development and guidance from Heads of Talent who will help you to work out the kinds of programmes you’d like to work on and to progress as a Researcher beyond your placement.

    What will I be doing?

    • Helping production teams with research tasks which could vary from casting calls on a factual entertainment series; maintaining databases; helping find archive; tracking down contributors; finding experts to interview; writing up research notes for a specialist factual series.
    • You may also be required to help set up shoots – finding locations, making bookings, putting together call sheets alongside the production management team.
    • You may go on shoots and be required to fulfil Runner-type duties or help look after particular contributors or talent.
    • You may help the Development team out with research into a particular subject area or sourcing images/footage for pitch documents and sizzles; or writing up new ideas for tv shows.
What does a researcher in TV do?

Researchers are part of the editorial team responsible for the creative content of TV making. They will typically work with an Assistant Producer and a Producer.

Their tasks will vary depending on the genre of programme, which makes it a really exciting job role. For example, if you work in casting, you will be spending a lot of time on the 'phone looking for contributors to take part in your programme, conducting background checks and looking after them during filming. As the title suggests, the job involves researching content for the show – speaking to experts, reading reports and compiling briefs with facts.

More experienced researchers can go on to specialise in different areas such as casting, archive, development or question writing for game shows.

Transferable skills:

  • Creativity - are you a Tik-Toker? Do you create content for social media? Make short films? Have your own YouTube channel?
  • Communication - Have you worked in retail, customer service or hospitality? As a researcher you will be working with a range of contributors in the same way you would with a customer - being personable and using your initiative.
  • Writing - Have you written a blog, dissertation or a persuasive letter to your local MP? This will help when writing briefs, biogs and pitch documents.
  • Problem-solving - TV is fast-paced and can be unpredictable so being quick thinking helps. Have you organised a big event or started a podcast or other content where there were a lot of hurdles? Managed to shoot a film in lockdown?
  • Organised - Keeping organised notes and planning shoots are some of the daily tasks you’ll undertake as a researcher. If you’ve planned a day trip with friends or taken notes during a lecture then these skills will keep you organised in TV!
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Life & Rhymes

999 on the front line

999: On The Front Line

Teen First Dates Series 2 Group 02 1

First Dates

DNA JOURNEY EP1 01 a052b390

DNA Journey

Lingo by Ian Wallman 1 Z9 A0123


General Faqs

1. If I have some experience, can I apply for the programme?

We’re looking for new entrants to TV, with less than 3 months experience, so if you have only done a bit of running or have done a short stint in the production office recently - please apply!

2. Can I apply for more than one company/role?

Each role is posted separately. While it is perfectly possible to apply to all the positions, we want you to do the best application possible, so please carefully read all the job descriptions and find the one which suits your skills the best.

3. Is there a guarantee of a job after the programme ends?

Not necessarily, but we are running the scheme to help retain talent and to help you develop your career, and a year in television is a great start to the industry.

4. Who will I be working for?

This is an exciting opportunity offered by Motion Content Group. They partner with production companies as co-producers. You will be working at the production company you have applied to work for, with training delivered by thinkBIGGER!

5. Why are some of the production companies grouped as one traineeship?

Wall to Wall, Twenty Twenty and Renegade Pictures are part of Warner Bros and are offering a traineeship to work across their production companies. Lime Pictures & Lion Television are also happy to host a joint placement where you’ll experience a wide variety of productions.

6. What is the expected start date?

You should be ready for work on the 27th June 2022.

7. I’m based outside of London. Can I apply?

You can apply for this role if you are happy to relocate to London.

8. What is the salary for the role?

The salary for this role is £24,000 per year.

KA 02 Roband Rom 4 6 S03

Rob & Romesh Vs

Applications closed 25/04/22

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